If you - like us - are mind numbingly bored by the regurgitated slew of 'social' titles out there then you may begin rejoicing, as Finnish developer Supercell (best known for Facebook shooter Gunshine) intends to buck the trend of Facebook wall-spamming and twitter feed takeovers, by releasing a gameplay focused 'social 2.0' title.

Freemium title Battle Buddies puts you in control of a team of six customisable cartoon soldiers in a battle of wits using tactical combat-based line drawing over a variety of topdown maps.

With Friends

Think Little Big Planet's Sackboy loaded to the eyeballs with Ratchet and Clank-esque weaponry and packing a multiplayer mode reminiscent of Words with Friends's asynchronous multi game mode, plus the points-based advancement enjoyed in a 'modern' FPS, and you're on the right track.

We were even told that it is possible to live the dream and pit a team of pirates against a team of space marines.

Destroyable environments and weapons such as the Wrecking Ball Launcher emphasise the playful approach Supercell is taking.

The game will be free to play on iOS from early 2012, with an Android release to follow suit.

We're also promised crossplay compatibility, so iPad owners can pwn Android-owning noobs (or vice versa) regardless of what OS they're using. The game will also support various social networks, including Apple's Game Center.

There'll be a smattering of content available through in-game purchases, though we are assured by Supercell that these will be 'encouraged' not 'forced' transactions.