Hinted at 18 months ago in gaming mag Famitsu as a forthcoming title for the 3DS, Level-5's Time Travelers is set to appear on the PSP and Vita alongside Nintendo's newest handheld when it launches in 2012.

Following up its coverage of Time Travelers last April, Famitsu has shed some light on the game's story, which begins in a near-future Tokyo devastated by a ginormous explosion and mystified by the appearance of a hole in the sky.

In addition to mentioning a building called the "Space Elevator" and the year 2031, Famitsu outlined some of the characters you can expect to meet in Time Travelers.

This quintet of characters includes Fushimi Hina (a scoop-chasing TV reporter), Fukase Yuri (an introverted high school student), Kamiya Soma (a cop with serious personal problems), Shindo Kyugo (a charlatan of a scientist), and Ressentiment (a recently dumped 30-year-old unemployed bloke).

As for the gameplay mechanics of Time Travelers, well, we'll just have to wait and see. The game will be playable at Level-5 World this weekend, so we'll be keeping our eyes peeled in that direction.