Canadian developer Gamerizon has had its Chop Chop iPhone games - such as Chop Chop Ninja, Chop Chop Hockey and Chop Chop Tennis - downloaded over 9 million times to-date.

But CEO Alex Sakiz has told he has much bigger plans.

During 2011, he expects to get the total number of Chop Chop games released to reach 20 and hit a total of 40 million downloads. The games are also coming to Android.

New games due on the App Store over the coming months include Chop Chop Rocket, Chop Chop Kicker, and Chop Chop Alien.

World beater

"This will be sufficient for the Chop Chop brand to be on 30-50 percent of all iOS devices belonging to kids or teens worldwide," says Sakiz. "We currently estimate our number to be in the 15 percent range."

Further tweaking its games, Sakiz says the team are planning to introduce in-app purchases, and is working on a pure freemium Chop Chop game too.

However - presumably referring the current Smurfs' Village controversy - he's keen to stress it will keep the method kid-friendly.

"There won't be any $50 items that a kid might 'accidentally' buy," he explains.

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