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Warning: Many stick figures were brutally harmed during the making of this game.

StickWars 2 is the much-anticipated sequel to last year’s #1 castle defense game, StickWars.

- iTunes “Best of 2009” Rewind
- iTunes “Best Selling Games of 2009”
- iTunes “Staff Favorite” in 2009

StickWars 2 requires lightning-fast fingers and cunning strategy. Defend your kingdom and stick it to Maelnik’s invading horde!

StickWars 2 adds epic spells, a new army of enemies and updated castle defense powers.

- Flick and fling your way to victory
- Command the elements to cast six devastating wind and lightning spells
- Use captured enemies to unleash epic abilities like Rain of Arrows or repair your wall with Work Frenzy
- Battle a new army of deadly foes (like the Necromancer who summons Fire Zombies to battle)
- Castle walls get bigger as you get more powerful
- Updated graphics and all new animations
- All new sound and music

- Easier to get farther on Wimpy and Strong modes.
- Hardcore will probably still kill you (but many have survived level 60).
- Get free extras to help conquer your enemies:
* extra gold
* ability to trade for prisoners
* cool castle wall upgrade
* new spellbook: “Book of Winds”
* dragon crossbowmen
* scorching flamethrower attack.
- New! 38 OpenFeint achievements (like Zombie Headhunter, Sergeant Slaughter and Pile Driver.)

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