UK-based technology company Antix Labs is about to redefine the distribution and development of cross-platform games with its Antix Game Player.

It allows developers to distribute their games in a device-independent secure file format.

In turn this gives consumers the freedom to share games across multiple devices in the same way you would transfer an MP3 music file via Bluetooth or a network cable.

Antix's new file format also means users can share games between hardware regardless of native resolution, device, operating system or processor.

Content Control

Developers who create games for the player will be saved the time and cost of porting their apps for multiple platforms, and can also set the level of certification for shared games. For example, a non-certified copy of a game might allow you to play the first level before prompting you to unlock the full game, via a quick burst of downloadable code from the store.

Antix's client supports a wide range of operating systems, including Linux, Android and Windows Mobile. The free Game Development Kit comes with OpenKODE and OpenGL support.

Crucially, Antix Labs is already working with television chip manufacturer MStar to provide Antix Game Player on MStar's internet connected TVs, which is over half the world's IP-enabled TVs.

In the meantime though, the Antix Games Store is now open for business.

You can play most of the games via your web browser (you have to install the player software first), or on the HTC Desire phone or (less likely) the Commtiva N700 Android tablet. More platforms will become available over time.

Further information is available on the Antix Labs website