iPad launch game Mirror’s Edge has finally downsized and made its way to iPhone, where it will be available to purchase at midnight tonight.

Turning the first-person console parkour game into a side-scrolling Canabalt-styled platformer, Mirror’s Edge lets female protagonist Faith get on with sprinting across rooftops, as you make her jump, slide, and kick with gestures.

It’s all set in a utopia gone awry, where parkour-savvy ‘runners’ are hired to transport documents across the city in privacy. You’ll go through 14 stages, where you’ll bound between buildings and boot government types in the neck.

The spiffy 3D game is fit for iPhone 4 users, as it pumps out gorgeous high-res visuals for the device’s ‘Retina’ screen.

The game is currently available in New Zealand for $6.49, which means it’ll be about £2.99 / $4.99 / €3.99 when it hits our App Store tonight.

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