Chelsea's scoring for fun against smaller clubs, Fergie’s already playing "mind games," and Portsmouth isn’t quite completely bankrupt yet.

Yes, it’s a new football season here in the UK, which means no queues anywhere when 3pm comes around on a Saturday, except at the bar in the local public house that is.

It also means football-related games are being reduced to tempt the punters through the App Store ticket stiles, although Konami are keeping fairly quiet in the stands about the recent reduction for PES 2010.

Securing the PocketGamer gold award two months ago, along with the words "feels less like a football game for iPhone and more like a bonafide football game" engraved on the trophy, PES 2010 is arguably the best of the current crop of football titles on the smartphone.

It’s been reduced from £3.99/$6.99 to the more manageable £2.99/$4.99 – a price that looks like it could become a regular on the App Store team considering they’ve not even mentioned it in the description.

In any case, you can purchase Konami’s version of the beautiful game using this link.

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