HTC’s Legend is easily one of the most gorgeous-looking Android handsets - that all-metal unibody certainly has pulses racing here at Pocket Gamer Towers - and the good news for similarly salivating UK consumers is that the device is coming to our shores at the end of this month.

March 23rd is the magical date, with the SIM-free price expected to hover somewhere around the £375 mark, including VAT.

That’s a marked improvement over the £450+ that many Nexus One owners are having to pay in order to import their phones from the US, although it should be noted that the Legend doesn’t boast a super-fast Snapdragon CPU.

There’s no word as yet about which network is going to step in and pick up the Legend in this region, but the smart money is on Vodafone, which is also releasing the aforementioned Nexus One in April.