Free is a great introductory price for Assassin's Creed II: Multiplayer, but for many players unable to connect with the game online the game has been free of fun.

Major connectivity problems are making it difficult to actually play the game. 3G network play isn't offered and finicky wi-fi support prevents easy connection.

According to a statement issued by Ubisoft today, 3G networking is officially not supported and wi-fi play requires bringing down any firewalls or other security measures to allow the game to connect with servers.

"We understand that some people are experiencing connection problems, and this experience is not what we want for our players. A patch will be released shortly that should resolve the connection problems some customers are reporting...Until we release this patch, the game will remain free."

Considering the connection problems make it difficult to play, Ubisoft is wise in extending the period through which the game is free to download.

We'll update with news of the patch as soon as it arrives.