It’s freebie time, and our bounty is even more heavily stacked in the PSP’s favour than usual.

We could call this the Friday PSP Store round-up, but we are as stubborn as a field full of especially stubborn mules and won’t be budging till the DS gives us what we’re owed. It’s only a matter of time.

The PSP Store has a new demo of Football Manager Handheld 2010 (whose 2009 predecessor earned a Gold award when we reviewed it) which you can download for free assuming you have 18MB free on your memory card.

Moving on, something that has miraculously managed to sneak past our attention in recent weeks is the raft of free comics currently available on the PSP Store.

There are fifteen in total, ranging from Astro Boy and Cancertown through to Star Trek, The Transformers, and The Warriors. A very decent haul indeed. You'll need to use the special PSP Comic book reader, which, if you’re packing the latest firmware (version 6.20) should be readily available under Extras in the XMB.

Besides that, there are a couple of new free themes available for the new title, Savage moon. Just head to the PSP Store and download them - your PSP knows how to take care of the rest.

Moving onto the miser king of handheld consoledom, the DS, all we have for you is (we’re almost too embarrassed to even attempt to pass this off as a potential freebie) the official website for Rockman Zero Collection.

The game hasn’t been granted a European release yet, so the website is in Japanese. We have a sneaking suspicion, however, that if you hunt about on there a bit there are some free wallpapers for the game to be had.

Lastly, the iPhone, dependable as British drizzle, but nicer. As always, there’s the free iPhone gaming Trawler Report, the free, twice weekly, iPhone gaming podcast and, well, that’s it - but it’s a lot.

If you have any freebies that you want to tell us about, be sure to drop by the Friday Freebie section of the forum and post about it (we’ll be sure to give you credit if we find something you leave for us). And remember, the Freebie Archive is always worth a visit if you tend to miss the Friday Freebie from time to time.

To make sure that doesn’t happen, you can always just click ‘Track It!’ below, to be automatically notified as soon as the next edition goes live. Until then, enjoy.

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