The beautifully styled retro platformer Hook Champ, which blends together classic awesomeness like Pitfall, Mario and Bionic Commando, already sports a well earned Silver Award, and now adds to its accolades with an OpenFeint-equipped update.

Version 1.1 of Hook Champ delivers a new unlockable character with bigger guns and lots of new hats, new challenge levels, a new item to help Jake over the lava pits, more new hats, online leaderboards and achievements, and for the first time ghost races have apparently been used through the OpenFeint social gaming network.

So you'll now be able to race and swing your way through the gorgeous, pixelated Hook Champ levels in an asynchronous race against your retro gaming pals.

Check out the gameplay video of a Hook Champ ghost race in action below, then swing on by the App Store for a closer look.

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