The thing about PSP2 rumours is that eventually they're going to be proven true. Sony's handheld has been the powerhouse platform since it debuted, and has performed well enough to ensure the electronics giant will remain in the handheld gaming sector for ever more.

But the latest rumour of a full-on hardware sequel now comes from BSN, which seems sure that the device will land next year and will be sporting a slab of very powerful silicon for its graphics processor.

Although no sources have been revealed, it's suggested that a PowerVR SGX543 from Imagination Technologies will provide the graphics brainpan for the PSP hardware refresh, which can theoretically outperform most PC graphics cards.

Not that it stops Imagination Technologies from dealing with other electronics manufacturers, but it does raise a quizzical eyebrow when you consider that Apple owns just under ten per cent of the Hertfordshire-based chip designer.

We can apparently expect the PSP2, armed with its ultra-hot graphics processor, in the next 12 months, which means the handheld wars could start all over again in 2010 with the DS2 (sporting a Wii-comparable Tegra 2 chipset) also rumoured to be with us next year.

We'll keep our powder dry for the time being, though.

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