If you haven't played this brutal Adult Swim Flash game, then office life hasn't taken its toll on you yet. What better way to stick it to The Man than by desecrating his cubicle-laden Temple of Bureaucracy with the most outrageous and inventive method of suicide you can think of.

That's the premise of Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself), in which you take your life to save your soul. The game requires you to use all manner of office equipment to end your pointless existence within the next five minutes - otherwise you might have to attend another media's meeting.

Smack yourself in the face with a stapler (Swingline or Boston, it doesn't matter), smash your head in a photo copier, ignite a fire extinguisher and point it at your face, put your hand in a guillotine, do a head stand on a paper shredder and engage in all manner of ingenious self-destruction in the fluorescent-lit hell of a modern office.

The iPhone adaptation of Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself) just landed on the App Store, and brings with it a multiplayer mode (in which you compete with friends or strangers in a race to the death) and Facebook Connect integration, so smash your skull against the 'Buy It!' to go and take a closer look.