Pocket God is one of the most influential apps to appear on the iPhone,and has proven very tricky for us to quantify here at Pocket Gamer. Strictly, it's not a game, but the episodic life of those poor pygmies has provided more entertainment than many of the more traditional games out there.

And now is seems the iPhone is going to hell as developer Eyedip balances out the virtual universe with Pocket Devil, an 'after' life simulator in which you take charge of purgatory and its many horned minions.

In a similar vein, Pocket Devil is an episodic game, with the first chapter, Burn Baby Burn, having just gone on sale. Here you get to grips with your arcane powers, and either push your followers into eternal suffering or everlasting peace.

It's a pretty blatant clone, but the popularity of Pocket God suggests a need for a bit of deistic competition to keep the universe in balance, so hit the 'Buy It!' button to go to hell and check out Pocket Devil.