TAG Games has been talking to SlideToPlay about its popular multiplatform crime sim Car Jack Streets, and has revealed a few details about the iPhone-based sequel we first heard about back in March.

Just like Grand Theft Auto before it, and the recent appearance of Gameloft's iPhone adaptation of Gangstar, Car Jack Streets 2 will be taking place in a fully 3D world. TAG Games founder Paul Farley also explains that lessons have been learned from the game's predecessor, so the sequel is unlikely to include the real-time aspects of the original.

""[We] are really moving away from all of the tired clich├ęs of this genre and going in an all new direction context wise," explains Farley, who goes on to say Car Jack Streets 2 will feature a branching storyline and some 'seriously interesting characters'.

Connected and social aspects are also likely to be included, making use of the company's new Underwear platform, which is intended to integrate seamlessly with the game is to provide the option for online and multiplayer content.

Given the game developers current commitments (mainly Astro Ranch and the PSP port of Car Jack Streets), Car Jack Streets 2 is unlikely to appear until sometime in 2010.

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