In an unprecedented announcement, IUGO has decided to pull the A.D.D. Lite from the App Store. The decision comes as the full version of the game continues to be held up in Apple's app approval process.

A.D.D. Lite still appears on the US App Store, though IUGO plans on removing it from sale. No word on exactly when the game will be taken down.

Sarah Thomson, Director of Business Development for IUGO explains that the availability of A.D.D. Lite was meant to draw attention to the full game. Since A.D.D. has been held from release for nearly three months following submission, the company feels the lite version is no longer needed.

"There is such a disparity in the release dates now that the Lite version holds no real purpose at this point," she concludes.

Thomson continues by explaining that Apple has contacted IUGO and apologised for the prolonged delay, though has failed to provide specific reasons for the hold up.

"Sure we’re frustrated and wish we’d hear either way. If the content is too hot then we’re happy to go back in and re-work it." she confesses.

IUGO's troubles with A.D.D. are the latest in a line of apps that have been held up in Apple's enigmatic approval process. Dozens of apps have been delayed without reason or summarily rejected without clear cause.

"I think though for us it was more of the notion of it getting rejected that we had considered, not the game sitting in no-man’s land for this long. At least with it being rejected we have the chance to make changes and resubmit. Right now there’s nothing we can do."