The Gizmondo never really had a fair chance, as what little glory it enjoyed was completely overshadowed by the organised crime and antics of one of its executives, Stefan Eriksson.

Eriksson has already led a rather unique professional life, having been the leader of the Swedish criminal organisation the Uppsala mafia, while also been involved in the development of the UK-based handheld game system, the Gizmondo.

According to Swedish news service, The Local, Eriksson has now been served another 18 month jail sentence for a variety of crimes including "illegal threats, attempted blackmail, and robbery".

Eriksson last made the headlines when he spectacularly smashed up a Ferrari Enzo in Malibu. He claimed to only have been the passenger, though the authorities never located the supposed driver.

It's unlikely that Eriksson would be involved in any resurgence of the Gizmondo console, which has been rumoured over the last couple of years, though the designers would probably do well to take advantage of the device’s fleeting media spotlight thanks to Stefan “Fat Steffe” Eriksson.