Well, the hunt is over. We have claimed a 1000th follower on our Twitter account. But before we reveal who the lucky winner or 'Twinner' is (we have our editor, Rob Hearn, to thank for that one), we're keen to highlight that yesterday, we added a whopping 78 new followers to our Twitter page. We're now sitting pretty at 1027 followers.

Thanks to everyone who had a go at grabbing the 1000th spot, hopefully our plentiful daily updates, which are, to quote one of yesterday's tweets, "both hilarious and profound", will be a hearty consolation prize.

So the Twinner is (drumroll please...)


Well done, wraithfeeder. A £20 Amazon voucher is now winging its way through the digital ether to your inbox, so spend it wisely.

So all there is left to do now is announce that we are going to offer a similar reward for our 2000th follower. It might seem like a little way off yet, but just to give you an idea of the time-frame, we only had 600 followers by the 19th of May.

According to our calculations, if we continue to grow at the rate we are currently, we should hit the 2000 mark sometime within the next 2-3 months. Who knows, it might be much quicker than that.