Digital Chocolate boss Trip Hawkins has launched his own official blog, which he plans to post his opinions on once or twice a week.

"I founded and built Electronic Arts and am too old to easily admit how long I have been designing games," is how he begins his first post.

"I have an overload of opinions and since I won’t shut up, why not put some of it down in a blog? I can take gamers behind the scenes and exchange views with industry colleagues.

In his second post, Hawkins outlines his theory of Omni Media Gamers:

"With mobile access to networked computers that are affordable and easy to use, we suddenly have over a billion people doing email, IM, texting, sharing digital photos and video clips, joining social networks and playing games that are more casual than casual games."

Hawkins has been one of the most high-profile and passionate advocates for mobile gaming, so we're looking forward to reading his future posts.

More mobile games bosses should blog. And then start flaming each other on Twitter. Srsly.