Digital Chocolate CEO Trip Hawkins steps down as 180 staff reportedly let go

CEO takes up advisory role

Digital Chocolate CEO Trip Hawkins steps down as 180 staff reportedly let go
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Trip Hawkins has stepped down as CEO of mobile publisher Digital Chocolate, with the company founder revealing he is to take on an advisory role with immediate effect.

The transition has been detailed in a blog post published on Digital Chocolate's website, where Hawkins claimed that, eight years after starting the company, he is to step back to offer his services as a mentor, consult, teacher, speaker and writer.

Trimming the fat

"I would like to announce two milestones," Hawkins detailed on the blog.

"First, I am transitioning now into a consulting and advisory relationship with Digital Chocolate. For its next stage of growth, Digital Chocolate is narrowing its focus and it made sense to get more streamlined."

It's also being suggested VP of global sales Robert Unsworth has also left the company.

As far as Hawkins is concerned, however, TechCrunch claims that, as well as being replaced by company president Marc Metis as CEO in an interim capacity, the streamlining hinted at will take the form of job losses.

Global game

In all, a reported 180 jobs are to go across Digital Chocolate's operations in the Americas, India, Russia and elsewhere.

The website cites an unnamed tipster who claims staff in both Bangalore, India and San Mateo in California have been hit by job cuts, white Digital Chocolate's Mexico office has been shut down entirely.

Offices in Armenia, Bothell in Washington state and St. Petersburg, Russia have also reportedly closed their doors.

It's claimed traffic for the company's leading social games has fallen in recent times, with AppData traffic claiming daily active users are down 470,000 during the last seven days.

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