American high schools always seem so much more exciting than British secondary schools. Instead of being all drab grey school uniforms and packed lunches, they have vampire slaying, proms and - in the case of Hannah Montana - school girls leading double lives as world famous pop stars.

Of course, Hannah Montana is a phenomenon that's either on your radar, or - if you're over the age of about 18 - firmly off it.

And if you're not a fan, it's worth pointing out now that there are mobile adventure games out there better than this one, like Las Vegas Nights: Temptations in the City and Date or Ditch.

Because while Hannah Montana is a game anyone can enjoy, if you don't know the characters or understand their references to things you're definitely better off with a game with a more generalised, and wittier, script.

If Hannah Montana is your heroine, however, you're in for quite a treat.

Playing as the girl starlet herself, you make your way through a series of objectives and explore her world along the way. Which, as you'd expect, includes all the locations a teen pop star would frequent - home, school, the mall, the beach, the pop club and more.

Each time an objective is fulfilled, another crops up in the form of a character turning up or a text message appearing on your phone.

These objectives can be checked at any point, so you always know what you're supposed to be doing, and are pretty wide-ranging.

So, when before a gig Hannah decides to do a spot of DIY advertising, that means you locating a ladder and some paint hidden around the level. There are also 12 different mini-games to play through, which - when unlocked - can also be played independently of the main game.

These mini-games are largely very good. In the smoothie making mini-game, you have to fill a glass with different coloured drinks so yours matches the example shown. In a school cafeteria game, you have to catch different foods falling from above to match the tray shown, which means dodging the food you don't want.

There are also rhythm-based style games for when Hannah is performing on stage - the better you do, the more people turn up to your gig and the more money you earn.

As with most of these types of game, there's plenty to do if you just explore, and the main story also fits around Hannah's school day, where she has to go to class and you get to do addictive sum and word games.

Talking to characters often brings up a dialogue tree where you can choose what to say, and there's also the added bonus of being able to spend your hard-earned cash on new clothes.

Despite the variety, the game is still quite linear. There are some neat puzzles to solve though where your hand isn't held quite so much. Like having to distract your dad when you need to go out in the evening (putting the sport channel on the TV usually does it).

The biggest let-down for those not really into the TV series is going to be the dialogue and story - which isn't quite as sparkling as it could have been - and this draws attention to the A to B style objectives the game is made up of. But in terms of appeal to its target audience, Hannah Montana does a sell-out job.