We’ve just been chatting with mobile, Android and iPhone developer Javaground about its upcoming games, and caught wind of an exciting new turn-based, online multiplayer strategy game, UniWar.

The game blends together sci-fi strategy games like Advance Wars and StarCraft, and involves building an army and using it to conquer the other players. But with up to eight players across 50 different maps, winning these wars is no small task.

If you’re looking to make things a little more complex, you can even gang up with the other players in two-versus-two, three-versus-three or four-versus-four team play. And while the game is built around online play, UniWar will also allow you to battle it out against the AI, in campaign mode, or using a pass-to-play hot seat mode with a friend/enemy.

To really climb the ranks, you can join several games at once, and play asynchronously so you’ve always got someone to fight. Email notifications are then sent out to tell you when it’s your turn.

Javaground is putting the game into the App Store submissions system any time now, and is then getting working on versions for other platforms, which will expand UniWar into a cross-platform title allowing you to battle against players regardless of the make of their device.

I think this answers Edwin Starr’s question about what war is good for, anyway. Watch this space.