While the rest of you likely cartwheel out of bed on a Friday morning, with a radioactive grin that could strip paint off the wall, we here at freebie towers limp feebly out of our pit, collapse on the floor, and sob wretchedly for full twenty minutes.

Then it’s a slow and reluctant trudge towards our desk where we spend the next few hours mindlessly clicking through link after link, searching for that little slice of handheld gaming gratuity that can turn the tide of the day and release us from our grumblesome morning fug.

This morning was different. As soon as the computer was turned on, its screen was bursting with freebies all vying for attention and we got to share a bit of that Friday feeling, which is nice.

Anyway, before we get on with that we’re duty-bound to remind you first of all about our weekly feature covering iPhone freebies. If you are an Apple patron, The Trawler Report is where your ship comes in.

Googleites will be receiving more Android round-ups in due course, but in the meantime there’s plenty to check out in the new Android section, including a very handy How to get a refund on your Android Apps feature.

Moving on, the PSP this week has got a lovely online flash demo of Patapon 2 to call its own. Actually, seeing as you can only play the demo on a Mac or PC internet browser, it doesn’t really belong to the PSP in the traditional sense, but it is still a demo of a PSP game.

At any rate, if you don’t yet know what the fuss surrounding Patapon is all about, the AGAME housed Patapon 2: The Art of War demo should bring you up to speed.

As for the DS, well it’s probably not news to you that GTA is about to splash blood all over Nintendo’s goody two shoes image with GTA: Chinatown Wars. To celebrate, Rockstar has restocked the downloads section of the game’s official website with some new wallpapers and a lovely free screen saver for Mac and PC.

Strange that the company is so quick to support the Apple platform with an ultimately throwaway piece of content. Are the folks at Rockstar avid Mac users, or is there some other reason *raises eyebrow, Sean Connery style*?

While we are obliquely speculating about that which we do not yet have the guts to come right out and say, back to the iPhone proper.

Why? Simply to remind you that the soundtrack to the excellent Edge has now excellently been made available for free download by the developers, MobiGame, which is, excellent.

A better haul than we’ve had in far too long, but sadly, that’s all for now. Remember to click ‘Track It!’ to be sure not to miss next week’s lot.

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