In a similar manner to sudoku, KENKEN has become something of a puzzle book phenomenon, adopted by newspapers and periodicals to give their readers an entertaining new way to ignore people sitting next to them on the tube while pumping a few neurons.

The brainchild of Japanese maths teacher Tetsuya Miyamoto, KENKEN requires simple arithmetic calculations and logic to decipher the puzzles.

Translated as “wisdom squared”, KENKEN involves addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and aims to improve logical thinking, concentration and perseverance.

“In this exclusive agreement Capcom Mobile is honoured to be bringing the next big puzzle franchise to mobile devices worldwide,” says Capcom’s pres, Midori Yuasa.

“Mobile devices are the perfect platform for puzzles, and we look forward to giving new players and those franchise fans the opportunity to the play KENKEN on the go”.

Sudoku puzzles are always welcome, but they’ve also kinda been done to death, so a variant on the subject might turn out to be no bad thing. Keep an eye out for more KENKEN: Train Your Brain news as we get it.