Proper cake - fruit cake, stollen, Kendal mint cake - doesn't go off. It sits in your cupboard for months, until that perfect moment. In which case, popular finger-frantic casual franchise Cake Mania 3 definitely must contain high levels of cream and fresh fruit, because despite only being released onto the App Store at the end of January, it's already available at a knockdown sale price.

Of course, as we all know, shelf life on the App Store is a tricky concept at the best of times; it’s massively influenced by perceived value. Cake Mania 3 launched at $7.99 but is now down to $4.99/£2.99 - for a limited time at least.

Developer Sandlot Games and publisher Hudson presumably took the decision in order to get the game kick-started back up the charts. The fact that one of casual gaming's most popular brands lasted less than two weeks at a $7.99 price is surprising though. Wonder what those publishers preparing to launch $9.99 premium App Store games think about that?

Of course, the other issue could be that people have had enough of the cake-making franchise. That would be a shame, if only because Sandlot has obviously taken some care over the release, with a version for the classic click-wheel iPod lined up alongside the iPhone and iPod touch version.

As for new features, this time Jill is travelling in time - ancient Egypt, revolutionary France, medieval England and a strange and distant future - making cakes on the way to get back to the present, and her wedding day. Maybe there could be a Wedding Dash bonus level too?

You can find out more details at the Cake Mania 3 website.