There aren’t many retro computers that the aging, curmudgeonly, antediluvian Pocket Gamer staff love more than the ultimate 16-bit warrior, the Amiga. So this is news that’s exciting enough for us to call the nurse over to help us out of our Shackleton’s high chairs and help us jump for joy – Pinball Dreams is now on the iPhone!

Pinball Dreaming: Pinball Dreams, to give it its full name, has been ported over to the iPhone by Finnish software studio, Cowboy Rodeo. It contains all four of the original Pinball Dreams tables from way, way back in 1992 (where does the time go?): Steel Wheel, Ignition, Nightmare and Beat Box.

Obviously there are other pinball games on the iPhone already, and technically superior ones with 3D graphics like Zen Pinball, but the nostalgia value of Pinball Dreams is very high. It’s immediately recognisable to Amiga-nouts thanks to a pixel-perfect conversion, though Cowboy Rodeo also promises improvements to those wonderful HAM graphics as well as both portrait and landscape support.

For want of a subtle elbow in the developer’s ribs, we’d really love to see a demo version of Pinball Dreaming: Pinball Dreams appear, maybe with a single table as I vaguely recall the original developer, Digital Illusions, did on the cover of some Amiga mag or other.

Just for old time’s sake, let’s finish off with a good old Amiga demo from Swedish team The Silents, who went on to become Digital Illusions and make their fortune with Pinball Dreams. ‘Nuff wicked.

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