Tsk. No sooner have we written a story about the UK price for the 3G iPhone not being known, than O2 sends out a press release giving exactly that information.

So, the 3G iPhone will definitely go on sale on July 11th here in the UK. The 8GB model will cost £99 if you sign up to O2's new £30 monthly tariff, or the existing £35 tariff.

However, sign up to the £45 or £75 tariffs, and you'll get it for free. That's right: a free iPhone. Apple has clearly dropped its opposition to operators subsidising the cost of the handset.

Want a 16GB iPhone? You'll pay £159 on the £30 and £35 tariffs, £59 on the £45 tariff, and it'll be free on the £75 tariff. All contracts will include unlimited data.

Oh, and O2 will also be selling the 3G iPhone on a pay-as-you-go contract, although it hasn't revealed how much it'll cost yet.

Already got a first-generation iPhone? Don't worry: there's an early upgrade offer, meaning you can get the new model before the end of your existing contract. Head here for details on how to sign up.

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