Owners of the N-Gage and N-Gage QD can now stock up on classic games for their console for little more than the cost of an average mobile Java download, since Nokia has reduced the price of all ten games in the download shop to just €9.99 (£6.77).

While some might argue this is a sign of the platform breathing its last, another interpretation is that it also demonstrates the download process is still too fiddly for many (we'll be bringing you a How To guide to help out with that soon), and Nokia is sensibly trying to tempt many more people into giving it a go despite their qualms.

From our point of view, we just see it as a great opportunity for N-Gage gamers to fill their boots.

Before you head off and start downloading though, don't forget to check out our archives to prioritize your greedy plundering. Of the games up for grabs, we've reviewed: Ashen, Glimmerati, High Seize, Mile High Pinball, One, Pathway to Glory and Pathway to Glory: Ikusa Islands.