At long last, N-Gage owners will soon discover what's happening with their beloved gaming format.

This Monday 20th, at 1pm (US Pacific time), Nokia's director of games Gregg Sauter will address the Mobile Games Developers Conference in California. And we'll be sitting in, so you'll be able to find out exactly what he has to say here first.

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What are we likely to hear? Well, whilst it's no secret that the current N-Gage QD machine is likely to be the last standalone N-Gage, and that the future lies in somehow squeezing N-Gage into Series 60 Nokia handsets, the exact details have been rather thin on the ground.

Will Series 60 phones be able to play existing N-Gage cartridges? Will N-Gage games be converted into Java? Will the brilliant N-Gage Arena continue in its present form? Will the N-Gage name live on at all?

All these questions have been bouncing around inside our minds (and rebounding unanswered off Nokia's steely executives) for several months now, so we're as eager as anyone to get some answers.

Indeed, there are likely to be several interesting announcements coming from the conference throughout the week, both for the N-Gage and for pocket games in general. Watch this space!