Exclusive: Upcoming PvP shooter Arrow will get you all a-quiver

Targeting the west this year

Exclusive: Upcoming PvP shooter Arrow will get you all a-quiver
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We've got some exciting news from Pocket Gamer Connects as Miniclip revealed it'd bring the smash-hit PvP Arrow out of Korea and into western markets.

Arrow is a competitive multiplayer game that distills combat down to its finest, most noble form: two proud warriors on horseback shooting the bejesus out of each other with - wait for it - arrows.

There's a firm strategy component underneath, however, as shots to your opponent's noggin will render them dizzy and unable to draw a bead on you. Additionally, you can opt to target their horse's head to slow their galloping to a crawl.

And so it ends

One of the major selling points of Arrow is the ability to deliver a personalised victory message to your opponents as your last arrow flies off the string.

If you've played Fire Emblem: Awakening, you'll know how cool these messages can be - and we imagine they'll be even cooler in Arrow since you actually control what's being said.

The other selling point is that targeting is handled via your device's gyroscope, so it's definitely a game that requires a bit of finesse to get a handle on.

Whether or not Arrow hits its mark and finds a playerbase here in the west remains to be seen, but the synchronous multiplayer's been extremely successful in Asia so Miniclip is optimistic about its chances.

We'll keep you updated on Arrow as soon as we have more information, but until then you can check out the Korean gameplay video below.

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