Arknights’ brand new Preluding Lights update adds new Operators, stories, and rewards

Arknights’ brand new Preluding Lights update adds new Operators, stories, and rewards
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The strategic RPG Arknights is hosting a new story event called Preluding Lights. For the next ten days, players can enjoy stories from the nooks and crannies of Terra, allowing them to learn more about the culture and relationships between these regions. The event also sees the addition of new rewards, Operators, crossover outfits, and furniture sets.

Preluding Lights adds richness to the Arknights narrative with six brand new stories that solve mysteries of the past, while also setting the stage for new ones. Visit Ursus, Sargon, Iberia, and Karlan Trade CO., LTD and learn all about their background stories. Players will also meet two new characters called Carnelian and Bena, who have unique roles in the plots.

Throughout the event, players can also obtain Clearance Permits by completing all stages except Annihilation and Extreme Mode. These Permits can be exchanged for Bena and her token, an Antique Display Cabinet, LMD, Battle Record, Elite Materials, and more. Players can also purchase Information Fragments that can be used to unlock new or old stories.

Here’s a list of the four operators being added with this update:

  • Carnelian – A 6-Star Caster, Carnelian is Beeswax’s sister from Sargon. Her talent allows her to restore HP with a double effect when charged. Activating her skill increases her Attack and Range.
  • Kirara – Is a 5-Star Specialist, who like Carnelian can also restore HP. But her talent lets her restore it continually with a heightened effect when no one is around. Kirara’s first skill increases her Arts damage, while the second further enhances her talent.
  • Bena – Also a 5-Star Specialist, Bena is a 4-Star Operator available free of cost. When she is defeated, she can leave a Substitute and then swap back to the original after some time. These substitutes deal Arts damage to enemies.
  • Indigo – The last Operator is Indigo, a 4-Star Caster who is capable of storing attacks until unleashing it on a target. Her skills increase Attack Range and reduce Attack Interval to obliterate everything that comes her way.

Finally, Arknights is also collaborating with I.T. by adding new outfits like Cómodo for Thorns, Liberté//Échec for Surtr and Ursus IO79 for Zima to the store. Preluding Lights will run until December 19th. Download Arknights now for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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