Arknights’ new Interlocking Competition adds a new game mode, 6-star Operator and outfits

Arknights’ new Interlocking Competition adds a new game mode, 6-star Operator and outfits
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Interlocking Competition: Hymnoi Wisdom is a new event going live in the strategic RPG Arknights. It brings a brand new game mode for players to enjoy alongside a new Operator, outfits, and furniture.

The Interlocking Competition: Hymnoi Wisdom event goes live today and will run until January 8th. It features three different stages; Training Base, Final Proving Ground, and Post, which need to be completed sequentially. Through the event players can earn exclusive Competition Medals, which can be cashed in for growth materials and Podenco’s Wake Up From a Nap outfit. After clearing the Post stage, players can choose to garrison the Clearing Squad, which then cannot participate in other Post and Final Proving Ground stages. Also, for every garrisoned Post stage, a special OpFor Unit will be added to the Final Training Ground to increase its difficulty. Defeating these units will provide greater rewards.

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The new Operator being added with this event is Pallas, a 6-star guard and the priestess from Minoan. She is a powerful damage dealer and can enhance her own abilities. Her first skill is a double attack with extra damage and the second strike has a chance to Stun the enemy. Pallas can also increase the ATK of other Minoan Operators above a certain HP threshold. She is a good candidate to deploy behind other Operators as her talent allows her to heal herself and the Operator in front when hitting an enemy.

Finally, three new outfits – Weiber Sand for Beeswax, Londinium Style Miko for Tsukinogi, and Leisurely Afternoon for Perfumer have also been added to the event store. The new furniture set that will replace White Wilderness is The Photography Hobbyist’s Studio. Additionally, players will find some re-edition outfits in the store as well.

Participate in the Interlocking Competition by downloading Arknights for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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