Arknights' An Obscure Wanderer event features Mlynar's tale of stopping a battle in Kazimierz

Arknights' An Obscure Wanderer event features Mlynar's tale of stopping a battle in Kazimierz

Yostar has just announced a new event for its strategic mobile RPG, Akrnights. Titled An Obscure Wanderer, this questline will take players to Kazimierz, where a battle is brewing. It introduces two new operators and a bunch of cool outfits. Players will have until April 10th to clear all the missions.

In Arknight’s An Obscure Wanderer event, players will unearth the tale of Mlynar, the new six-star operator who will also be a member of the Nearl family. He is Nearl and Blemishine’s uncle and in this story, Mlynar is responsible for stopping a fight between Kazimierz and Leithanien.

It will prove to be a challenging task as Mlynar must take on his friend Czcibor to achieve his goals. Tales for progressing will only be unlocked by obtaining Information Fragments from the event shop. And the way to get them is by completing stages in the storyline in order to earn Standard Issue Components.

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Besides trying to unlock all the tales, players will also gain numerous rewards in this event. The usual stuff includes Module Data Blocks, Data Supplement Instruments, Data Supplement Sticks, LMD, Battle Records, and Furniture Parts. More exclusive items like the Disguise outfit for Utage from the Epoque series are something to look out for.

Let’s also look at the two new operators that are part of this update. The first is of course, Mlynar, a wandering knight from Kazimierz who never leaves his sword. As a six-star Guard, he can raise the damage from all Kazimierzian operators, so be sure to add as many of them on the battlefield as you can.

Then we have Provise, a five-star Supporter. He is a Decel Binder who excels at slowing down enemies and prohibiting them from using special abilities. Finally, don’t forget to check out the store for new outfits like Book Rader for Mountain and Temperament for Akafuyu.

Download Arknights now for free and participate in the Obscure Wanderer event.

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