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Arkfront is a new arcade shooter out now on iOS

Arkfront is a new arcade shooter out now on iOS
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Indie developer Intensity Faucet Games has released its arcade shooter Arkfront on the iOS App Store.

In Arkfront, you take part in big, explosive space battles as you search the galaxy for humanity’s new home. It utilises a roguelite format, drawing from games like FTL where you build and customise your loadouts and setup before heading out. There’s a huge degree of strategy here as you decide what you need to spend resources on before launching into space.

The pace picks up a bit when the action starts, and enemy ships start attacking you. This plays like a classic arcade top-down shooter. Check out the video below to see some of the game in action. The controls are designed to be fast and fluid to help you keep control of everything happening on-screen.

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After each level you also then get to choose where to go next, similar to the progression system found in a game like Slay the Spire. Random encounters and special events also occur at the new nodes you travel to, and there are over 80 levels in total to play. With 15 different enemy types to encounter as well as multiple game modes to play, there’s sure to be heaps of content for you to work through on your way to finding that intergalactic paradise.

If you’re interested in checking out Arkfront, it’s out today and you can download it now from the iOS App Store. It’s a premium title which costs £2.99.

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