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Find out how to manage your own Android store with our guide to Aptoide V8

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Find out how to manage your own Android store with our guide to Aptoide V8

We’ve got some great news for you if you’re a fan of Aptoide, because version V8 is available for use right now.

Originally created in 2009 as a summer project, the app soon developed into the mobile market place it is today, and has attracted over 140 million users worldwide who download an average of 10 apps a day. Now with its recent update, the developers sought to make it slicker, smarter and much easier to use. But don’t worry if you’re new to the app, as we’ll help you get to grips with the basics with our guide to Aptoide V8.

Users and Developers

Created as a 3rd party app store, Aptoide V8 is made for both its users and developers, and offers suggestions tailored to your previous downloads. Breathing a new lease of life into the concept of online marketplaces, the app allows you to freely upload apps for others to use, and even lets you create and share your own stores (kind of like creating a playlist on a YouTube channel).

But it’s not just the users that can look forward to the app, as it also lends a helping hand to developers. By offering free registration to any devs who want to showcase their work, Aptoide V8 allows for the easy distribution of apps, and helps you to grow and monetize a larger user base for all the android apps you want to share with the world.

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Better Interactivity

Get to grips with the brand new apps timeline that shows you relevant content related to your previously installed apps. It even lets you watch videos and read articles that are associated to your favourite apps, without ever having to leave Aptoide - making usability that little bit easier.

Improved User Experience

With an app that’s so focused on its users, it’s pretty obvious that the user experience is a key focus for the developers.
After tinkering and tampering with the app, the devs were able to make a lot of improvements that were relevant to its user’s needs. Now you’ll see great new features like auto-completion when searching for apps, an improved flagging system, and a redesigned app view that’s community focused.

More Community Focused

Comprising of a huge 200,000 stores, the Aptoide platform is a massive ecosystem that’s managed and curated by its individual users. So, with community being the central aspect of the app, what better way to improve its sociability than with a community tab?

Thanks to this brand new feature, you’ve now got a great way of keeping track of all the relevant news and updates in the community, and you’ll be able to easily discover new apps based on your experience with others.

Now you can easily reward the most interesting contributions from the community with your own reviews and ratings, and take a peek at the newest downloads from other community members. Not to mention getting easy access to reviews and ratings for apps you’re interested in – making it so much easier for you to choose the apps that are best for you.

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