Win battles in sharp-looking fantasy puzzle game Apexicon by matching letters to create words

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Win battles in sharp-looking fantasy puzzle game Apexicon by matching letters to create words
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I've had my eye on Apexicon for a while now.

I've been watching on with interest as Actos Games slowly adds features to it that have transformed it from a cool idea into a pretty great-looking game.

At its most base level, Apexicon is a fantasy-themed puzzle combat adventure game. But that's a lot to take in at once, so just imagine Puzzle Quest with words.

The core feature of the game is the combat system. The 'Apexicon' itself is a reference to the world in which the game takes place. And it's a world in which words are used as weapons.

Word up

First things first, you play the Wordsmith. When battling enemies, you pick out letters from a 4x5 grid to create words that act as attacks. You can acquire skills, too, which boost your attacks depending on the letters you use.

Actos Games has programmed a full dictionary into the game, so you can use pretty much any real word you can think of here as an attack.

While the Quick Battle mode will suit those playing on the move, there is also a full Story mode in which the Wordsmith travels across the world fighting tough fantastical enemies.


What's really impressed me about Apexicon of late, however, is the beautiful art and interface at the heart of the game. The overall idea isn't entirely original, sure, but the game has been polished to a very fine finish.

Hopefully, we'll be able to get our hands on a working demo of Apexicon soon. Actos Games tells us that we should have one in time for its Kickstarter launch, which should be soon.

And if you're wondering, Apexicon will be heading to iOS and Android devices once it's ready to be released into the wild.

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Chris Priestman
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