Anki Drive brings video game AI to an iOS-powered racing toy for $199

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Anki Drive brings video game AI to an iOS-powered racing toy for $199
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The Hot Wheels and Scalextric of your youth may be remembered fondly, but they're nothing compared to how Anki Drive is looking.

This AI-infused racing game brings the advances of video games to small, physical cars that you can race around your house.

These cars are able to makes thousands of decisions every second, and will happily race against your car competitively and aggressively. There's no more of that zipping along narrow plastic tracks here. Expect wider roads to allow for tactical overtaking and the like.

Anki Drive is iOS-connected, so all of the necessary information needed to run the game is sent out from your iOS device. You just need the free companion app, as well as the physical pieces, to play.

Being controlled by iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch means that you can quite easily bring in other friends to play with you by taking control of one of the AI-powered cars.

Each of the four cars has different stats and abilities through exclusive upgrades and support items, such as shields, tractor beams, and beam disruptors.

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The Anki Drive Starter Kit comes with two cars, a 3.5 feet x 8.5 feet track, chargers, and a tyre cleaner. That will set you back $199.

If you'd like to purchase the two extra cars then you'll want to fork out another $69 each.

The physical sets necessary to play Anki Drive will go on sale in US and Candian online stores on October 23rd, including the official Anki Drive website.

If you really can't wait, then perhaps you'll get some temporary satisfaction by downloading the companion app in preparation.

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