After Harry Potter comes Animal Genius DS

Not literally – even Crookshanks isn't that clever

After Harry Potter comes Animal Genius DS
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What do you do after selling millions of copies of Harry Potter in the US? Start releasing DS games. At least, that's the answer from Scholastic, which broke from its educational publishing background to gain the US exclusive rights to J K Rowling's gold mine initiative to get Nintendo's core audience to read books.

But since that success, Scholastic seems to have decided that if you've beaten them, maybe it's time to join them. Hence, the publisher has announced its first two DS releases.

In Animal Genius, you have to answer questions in five modes to earn 25 animals in the Rainforest, Grasslands, Ocean, Arctic and Woodlands habitats. The activities themselves vary from the Pac-Man-like Maze Munch, to the visual/time-based Scratch 'N See, Creature Collector, Matchomatic and Animal Expert.

Its other game is I SPY Fun House, in which players are tasked with collecting nine inventory items that unlock the exit of a carnival fun house. The tasks include six I SPY riddle screens, 18 I SPY riddles, and three fast-paced, mind-challenging games.

Both games will be released in the US during 2007, but neither title currently has a European release date.

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