Rovio responds to Angry Birds ads criticism

Fans asked to suggest improvements

Rovio responds to Angry Birds ads criticism
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Feathers were ruffled amongst Angry Birds fans following the latest Ham 'em High update, which brought ads - in the guise of 'news' - to Rovio's world-beating iPhone hit.

Popping up every time you enter the 'replay' screen, and often taking a while to load up, the news sections is affecting game performance for some users and generally souring the formerly ad-free experience for others.

Rovio has responded to the weekend-long storm of complaint, posting an apology on its blog with the following assurance:

"Rovio News is not meant to slow down your gameplay experience in any way - instead, we want to give you a fast and easy view into the latest news in the Angry Birds world, and let you know where you can find more Angry Birds games and goodies."