Angry Birds coming to Wii, Xbox, PSN. Multiplayer to resemble 'old school Worms'

And Rovio has a dig at FarmVille

Angry Birds coming to Wii, Xbox, PSN. Multiplayer to resemble 'old school Worms'
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The first Social Gaming Summit took place yesterday in London and the first Virtual Goods Summit is taking place today.

Among the speakers is Rovio CEO Peter Vesterbacka, and he's been dropping a few morsels of information about the company's hit game Angry Birds.

Various Twitterers have been passing the information along, and amongst the juiciest news is that the forthcoming Angry Birds multiplayer will resemble 'old school Worms', though the details still haven't been hammered out.

On the subject of the future, Vesterbacka rules out Angry Birds 2 but hints that a future 'surprise' iteration of the game will tell the story from the pigs' point of view. He also reveals that Angry Birds will be coming to PSN, Wii, and Xbox 'for starters.'

Vesterbacka has takes a sly dig at Zynga's FarmVille: 'Instead of selling 100 crappy farm animals we decided to create one Mighty Eagle'.

Here are the best of the tweets.

On multiplayer

Stefano Scaglione (frakk): Multiplayer Angry Birds will be like old school Worms games
David Selle (dav3d): Rovio: Multiplayer is a priority, but have not determined the best way for our players to experience it yet.

On the future

Branimir Parashkevov (Branimir_P): Rovio will have other virtual products like the mighty eagle with future releases. Instead of 100 they will have 5 great ones'
Lars Janssen (xyrak): 'Instead of selling 100 crappy farm animals we decided to create one Mighty Eagle'
Bretton Putter (BrettonPutter): 'Angrybirds – focus on great games. Haven't yet heard the pigs' side of the story.'
Pete Stott (snowcrashed): Most of rovio's investment is going towards a Facebook game. Not angry birds but in the same world. Also film / tv show coming.
David Selle (dav3d): Rovio: We are not going to do a sequel. We want to surprise people. No one has told the story from the pigs point of view (smile)
Alice Taylor (Wonderlandblog): Q: are you going into consoles? @pvesterbacka: yes, we're doing PSN, Xbox and Wii. For starters.

On inspirations Lars Janssen (xyrak): Rovio: "Our role models are Nintendo's Mario and Pixar." On aspirations

Bretton Putter (BrettonPutter): Angrybirds want to be bigger than tetris
David Selle (dav3d): Rovio: We are not building a game we are building a franchise. Plush Toys, TV, more platforms are coming. Today is a tiny start.
Alice Taylor (Wonderlandblog): at #angrybirds we're building an entertainment franchise. We're looking at movies, teevee, [toys].
Pete Stott (snowcrashed): Aim is for angry birds to be bigger than tetris. 35 million so far.

On Android Alice Taylor (Wonderlandblog): "Why is angrybirds free on Android? Not fair." Vesterback: "eeh..Android's not a paid-for platform yet. Ad-supported =easier."
Pete Stott (snowcrashed): rovio are on stage explaining that angry birds went free on android to deter piracy in markets without checkout.
Alice Taylor (Wonderlandblog): "5 million downloads on Android means a very healthy income from ads."
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