[Update] Android VR headset confirmed by Google developer site, to be announced next week

From cardboard to plastic

[Update] Android VR headset confirmed by Google developer site, to be announced next week
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[Update] An Android VR placeholder has been sighted on the dashboard of Google Play's Developer Console.

Those who have access have signed in today and seen it alongside Android Wear, Android TV, and Android Auto.

Clicking it doesn't do anything as yet, but this is further evidence that the company will announce a standalone VR headset at their I/O event next week.

[Original Story] Google are holding an I/O event next week and are widely expected to announce a standalone Android VR headset.

A former technology journalist, Peter Rojas, has managed to get the scoop through his sources.

A series of tweets were posted yesterday from his personal account and several sites were quick to jump on the news.

The key message seems to be that it will be less powerful than Vive or Rift. This could mean that Google are trying to tackle the mid-level market that Playstation VR are attempting to secure.

What is clear is that this will be a much different project to Cardboard as that can be inserted into any phone Android phone and used on a supported library of games.

This headset, however, is rumoured to be completely standalone. You won't even need a PC to plug it into.

We know Google are onboard with VR and have supported it from the very beginning, but currently Samsung are leading the charge with the Gear going from strength to strength.

Is this Google's way of trying to go to the next level? We'll find out for sure next week.

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