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Amy the Starry Archer

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Amy the Starry Archer

In Amy the Starry Archer, you fly around a variety of themed environments - like a night sky or a cave - shooting enemies that pop up on the screen. Shoot them quickly and you earn a higher score.

You tap and hold the right side of the screen to draw an arrow, then target an enemy, and release to fire. There's also a slightly unresponsive dodge button on the left of the screen.

There's the occasional neat idea here. Like spinning enemies that have a shield on their back, or dark caves where your only light source is the arrows themselves.

Unfortunately though, Amy the Starry Archer fails to deliver on its early promise. Mainly thanks to an irritating energy system and the odd unfair spike in difficulty.

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Amy the Starry Archer

Amy the Starry Archer is a pretty, reflex-based shooter that shows serious promise until you hit the paywall or a serious spike in difficulty