Among Us to get new role 'The Shapeshifter' in next update

Among Us to get new role 'The Shapeshifter' in next update
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Among Us has finally revealed one of their upcoming in-game new roles called the Shapeshifter, a favourable role to help the imposters. It will be a part of the next update.

Introduction to Among Us

Among Us, the game that broke the internet. Who doesn't know about Among Us? During the pandemic season, it gained popularity beyond imagination. It went viral overnight and became a great way to spend time with friends during quarantine.

Among Us is an online multiplayer social deduction game. It requires you to think logically to uncover the imposter or strategically manipulate others so no one gets suspicious of you. Every time an emergency meeting is called, or if a dead player's body is found, all the remaining members get together to discuss any information they have. After the meeting, they either kick out someone or skip the vote if they’re unsure. One of the big reasons the game got famous was through popular gamers and streamers playing it online, which caught many people's attention.

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In a match, you either become a crewmate and complete tasks, or you become an imposter and sabotage their mission or kill the crewmates. It's the ultimate survival game. If crewmates successfully discover who the imposter is and kick them out, or all crewmates complete their tasks, they will win. On the other hand, if the imposter successfully kills each member and survives until the end, they win. It was released with this basic concept, but now the developers have made many changes and added additional roles and maps.

New role revealed: The Shapeshifter

Innersloth, the developer, released a sneak peek of the upcoming role. The role they revealed was the Shapeshifter, which is designed to help the imposter. It lets you change your appearance and disguise yourself as crewmates. It is a huge advantage for imposters as it allows them to manipulate the situation more in their favor and create suspense.

You can select which player you want to change into and stay like this for a certain period. You can also change it back to your original form of your own accord. But the change doesn't happen smoothly, and people can see you changing if you are within sight. So, make sure to do it in a place where no one will see you.

The host gets to decide whether they want to keep the Shapeshifter role or not. They also get to choose how many imposters will have the role and for how long they can do it. It will be added in the next update, but there's no date when that will be available. In their previous announcement, they mentioned adding new roles, but they didn't reveal how many. This is a sneak peek of their upcoming update. So, you can expect more roles to come.

Among Us is available to download from Google Play and the App Store. You can also check out its official site or Twitter handle for more information.

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