How to win Among Us as the Imposter

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How to win Among Us as the Imposter

Winning the latest version of Space Mafia as the secretive killer is tough, but not with these tips...

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Among Us isn't actually a brand new game, in fact, it's more than a year old at this point, but despite that the game is smashing the charts now more than it ever has done before, and it's easy to see why.

Playing Among Us with friends - or a group of random people online - is a wonderful experience, one that will see you shouting at your screen when everything goes very wrong.

You're either a loyal crewmate or a deadly imposter, and if you're the Imposter, then you are arguably the most essential person in the game.

You will be killing crewmates and sabotaging their tasks, but it won't be easy. Take your time like it's a multiplayer game of Hitman, and you'll be able to take down everyone and come out as the last one alive.

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Sabotaging the tasks, blending in

As the Imposter in Among Us your job is to take out the other crewmates - but we'll start slow, by blending in with the environment.

You will have multiple tasks in your game - or at least, your crewmates will. You however can sabotage certain areas so a task appears, then the innocent crewmates will be lured into your den.

But you can't be too hasty. Before you start sabotaging things and crawling inside vents, make sure no one can see you being suspicious.


Once you're feeling safe, and you're sure you're not seen, it's time to kill. Go up close to an innocent crewmate and tap a button to eliminate them - just like that.

The crewmate will be ejected from the game. Eventually the rest of the crew will find the body, and it will be announced that there is a traitor. If you can leave the body somewhere quiet, that'll help.

You won't be able to kill rapidly, there's a lengthy cooldown, so once you kill, you'll need to blend back in with the environment quickly.

Like a ninja

The problem with killing is that bit where you blend back in. If you leave a room, someone sees you, and then they see a corpse in there, you're the prime suspect.

You can, however, jump into air vents on the floor. Stay perfectly still, and any crewmates wandering by will have no idea you're there. You can totally just jump in the vent and wait there for as long as you need.

Again, stealth and doing things without others knowing is the most important part of the game - I have faith in you.

The big vote

Once a body is found, or once someone slams the big button in the main room, it's time to vote to eliminate someone.

During this phase you can open a chat window and talk with your crewmates - your job is to seem innocent and maybe pin the blame on someone else.

If you've been successful in blending in, then people won't suspect you. The talks will go no where, and then the vote will likely be a tie. But if you've been too obvious, consider yourself done for.

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