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Among Us Costumes - all of the premium and free costumes you can get

Among Us Costumes - all of the premium and free costumes you can get
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I once saw an image of White, with a Mini-White pet and a White replica hat, and that's when I started asking myself 'What are some of the best Among Us costumes? Or should I say, what are some of the best Among us skins?

Below we are going to explore some of the best skins and customizations in Among Us, and give you some of our favourite picks! And since there are two types of customizations (paid and free) I have decided to split them into two categories, so you can have an easier time deciding whether or not you should invest in some premium costumes or not.

What's that? There are premium Among Us costumes?

Some hats, skins, and pets are premium, and that means you will have to pay a couple of bucks to unlock them permanently. These are not included in the free customization panel, and you will find them by opening the dollar sign shop while in the Customize menu.

There are 3 categories of premium customizations: Pets, Skins, and Hats. In the Pets category, you'll find little followers that you can unlock, and they'll appear alongside your character. In the Skins section, you will find premium costumes, which come in a bundle (hat and skin) for about $2-3 each.

Below, you will find the Hats section which is actually a bundle of 8 hats that you can unlock for about $3. Finally, underneath the Hats section, you can find even more Hats, which can come individually or in a bundle with their respective skin.

Are premium skins worth it?

If you really want to have a rather unique look about you, then you should definitely consider them. However, if there are other players who rock the same skin as you, then it will seem rather weird. So, to be completely frank with you, I probably wouldn't go crazy about the complete skin sets. That being said, Pets are something completely different that you might want to consider. I mean, who doesn't want a Mini-Crewmate following them around killing people, or an adorable blue pupper cheering them on?

The best free Among Us costumes 

Pandemic TP Shortage

among us costumes - toilet paper

We've all experienced this at one point or another - you walk into a supermarket chain, only to find the toilet paper aisle completely empty. Well, this little Brown + toilet paper hat costume combo is a nice reminder of the not-so-nice times we all went through with the pandemic.


banana costume

Yellow + banana peel is another fun little costume combo you can use in Among Us. It's quite simple, and the base colour can be easily swapped between Yellow, Brown or Black - depending on how ripe you see yourself as a banana.


Brown has just too many good costume combinations - Brown + leaves make for a cute sprout, and it's an ideal skin combo when you want something simple.

Pink Flamingo

among us costumes - pink flamingo

Although many associate pink with girls (not to mention flamingoes), this pop of color made up of Pink + Flamingo hat is a really good pick for when you want to stand out.



The balloon hat is great because it adapts to the base colour of your character. I always prefer bright colors, such as Yellow or Cyan, but you can go for anything!

The best premium Among Us costumes

Now if you have some money that you don't mind spending on microtransactions, there are many good costume combinations you can aim for in Among Us. Let's take a look at our top 5 picks.

Astronaut and Mini Crewmate

among us astronaut

This premium costume is really, really cool if you want to neatly pair up a pet with a costume in Among Us. It uses the Robo Pet, and the Astronaut skin bundle. As for the base colour, feel free to choose your favourite!

Man in Black

among us man in black costume

This really cool Among Us costume is another one of the top picks you can go for. It's stylish, and let's be honest - who doesn't fancy a double hat? To make this skin, use Black as your base color, then go for the Black Suit skin, but don't use the Top Hat - instead, go for the Double Top Hat.

The Devil and his... spawn?

Although it's a very sus skin, it's also one of the best out there. All you need is to equip the red horns you unlock from the Halloween Bundle and use Red as your base colour. Added bonus if you use the Mini-Crewmate pet!


among us costumes

This is yet another awesome skin using a Halloween hat. Here it's on the White base color, but it works great with Green, Black and Brown too! It features the Doctor skin and the Bat Ears hat - bonus points if you use the Hamster pet!

Alien McSlimy Crew

This Among Us costume is pretty simple, but it's a premium one nonetheless. It uses the Lime Green base, with the Brainslug pet, and the Brain Slug hat. Yuck! So green and... slimy!

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