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Ammo Pigs: Armed and Delicious review - "Those pigs are at it again"

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Ammo Pigs: Armed and Delicious review - "Those pigs are at it again"

It's strange how, when it comes to games that offer up a serious challenge, mobile gaming has more than its fair share. And you can add another to that list now with the release of Ammo Pigs: Armed and Delicious.

It's a game all about angry pigs trying to make sure that an evil AI doesn't murder all of them. But you're not going to come for the story, you're going to come for the razor sharp shooting action.

Pig patrol

If you've ever played a pixel art shooter on your phone before, you're going to have a pretty good idea about what to expect here. Leg it around chunky platforming levels, shoot everything that moves, try to get to the end without dying.

You've got a health bar represented by hearts at the top of the screen. When that runs out it's game over. But what that means changes depending on what difficulty setting you're playing at.

On the easiest level you get kicked back to the start of the level. On medium you get kicked back to the start of the game. If you're playing on the hardest difficulty, not only will your main character dying knock you to the beginning of the game, if a single one of the pigs you're trying to save dies you'll suffer the same fate.

Ammo Pigs: Armed and Delicious iOS review screenshot - Working your way up the levels

It means that even if you're not the most talented player, you can still pick up the game and play through. If you really want to throw yourself in the deep end from the get-go, there's a choice that's going to suit you as well.

There are a few niggles here though. The controls aren't always up to scratch, and even though you can select your own difficulty, there are points you're going to get properly mullered the first time you hit them.

And while the chunky graphics are solid, they're not the most original looking. It all feels a little bit on the flat side, and there's nothing here that really sets the game apart from the rest of the crowd.

Shame pig

And that's a shame, because there's a lot here to like, but people might just pass it by when they see it on an app store because they think it's just going to be something we played before.

So if you've read this review and you think that this is the sort of game you're going to love, then you should definitely give it a go. You'll get frustrated from time to time, but you're probably going to love a lot of the time you spend with the game.

Ammo Pigs: Armed and Delicious review - "Those pigs are at it again"

Ammo Pigs: Armed and Delicious does what it sets out to do, and if retro shooters are your bag you'll love it
Harry Slater
Harry Slater
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