Ubisoft to release first PopCap DS game in Europe

Amazing Adventures now, Peggle next, we hope...

Ubisoft to release first PopCap DS game in Europe

Our US chums have been playing Amazing Adventures: The Forgotten Ruins on DS since November 2008, but now thanks to Ubisoft, the hidden object game is finally coming to Europe.

Based on PopCap's PC series, Amazing Adventures places you in an archeological dig where you discover clues and follow an all-new storyline to find a long-lost Mayan ruin.

Eleven of the 20 missions, and nine of the 18 locations are unique to the DS version, and you have to find over 90 hidden objects per scene.

You earn awards for accomplishing goals, and unlock additional gameplay modes by locating bonus items such as jade masks and Mayan glyphs.

Amazing Adventures: The Forgotten Ruins also includes five mini-games, including the new Mah-Jongg and Memory Match.

Perhaps more important than the release of the game itself however is that it's the first PopCap DS to be released in Europe.

"PopCap is delighted to work with Ubisoft to bring Amazing Adventures to the Nintendo DS platform," said Mark Cochrane, PopCap's EMEA business development director.

"The Amazing Adventures franchise has been very successful online, boasting more than 15 million downloads since its 2007 introduction, and we are confident it will translate well for the adaptation on Nintendo DS."

Let's just hope Peggle's not too far behind.

Amazing Adventures: The Forgotten Ruins is due for release on 10th September 2009.