Alternoidz: Tips to help you with this modern space shooter

Alternoidz: Tips to help you with this modern space shooter

Fly, shoot, and conquer outer space

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Alternoidz is one of those mobile games that take you back in time. Usually, if it has something like "oidz" at the end of it and if you've played your share of arcade games, then you should know where this is heading. Yup, it's a fun little space shooter that you can play on iOS and Android. 

It's a pretty straight forward game to pick up and play. You choose your control setting and then press play and you're sent out into the wilds of space (yes, I made that up). The game is much more free-roaming than an iconic game like Galaga so you're flying around a bit instead of going from side to side. 

Your goal is to destroy as many meteors as possible with your ship. Along the way, you'll have to fight enemy ships that will try to shoot you down so be careful. Alternoidz is a great throwback style game with some modernized graphics and we give you a few tips to help you blast away. 

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Get familiarized with the controls

In Alternoidz, you are dropped into the action pretty quickly. After seeing the initial startup menu and choosing your control scheme, you are swiftly flying around in space. With no real tutorial involved, you're made to figure out the controls yourself.

It's really easy to know which button does what. However, the biggest thing would be to get used to how your spaceship flies. The movements can seem a little awkward at first. It's a very loose kinda motion that the ship flies in during your game.

You can appreciate this too as it also is fun once you get the hang of it. But trying to keep your ship steady can be critical to your success. It'll spin pretty easily as you turn. This isn't always a bad thing though as there will be many times where space rocks or enemies are in the opposite direction. So one thing I'd say is: keep on shooting, no matter which direction you end up going and leads into our next tip.

Keep on shooting

It sounds kind of silly, but make sure to keep that finger or thumb on that trigger button. Like we discussed a bit already, the controls can be sensitive at times (which actually adds to the fun), so you might see yourself in a little spin cycle.

Keep yourself trigger happy will allow you to eliminate anything that you'd otherwise accidentally fly into. Even the littlest rock can destroy you if you aren't careful. This is why it's important to keep on firing away because it can save you from disaster.

Thankfully, you do have some lives to work with so it's not a one and done situation. However, if you keep ramming into the space debris, your lives will be gone in a flash. But, by shooting early and often, you should be able to save yourself some lives. It's not always a guarantee, but it gives you a much better chance of survival.

Take advantage of special abilities

If you feel like you're in a bit of danger, then you'll be pleased to know that Alternoidz has some special powers that you can use to take down anything that's in your way. You can collect these by destroying space rocks and you'll start seeing shiny objects in the debris. Grab these.

When you do, you'll see some unique upgrades. This could be something such as firing multiple blasts simultaneously for example. This one alone is brilliant and can help you eliminate several foes and rocks together in perfect harmony.

You can also purchase some cool upgrades after completing waves and earning credits. Use these to add more powerful weaponry to your ship. This could include some rockets among other things. Take a look at the shop and see what you like. You'll be taken to the store after completing a wave or by getting a "game over". Restock your ship and head on back out there, pilot.




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