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Alter Ego is a popular clicker that takes you on an emotional journey of self-discovery

Japanese philosophy at its finest

Alter Ego is a popular clicker that takes you on an emotional journey of self-discovery

Alter Ego is a recently released clicker that offers a surprisingly emotional and engaging storyline. It functions almost like an extended personality test, with it asking you all manner of challenging questions.

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With it being a clicker, you'll spend a good deal of your time collecting EGO by tapping on what are known as "whispers". These are stray thoughts, feelings, and ideas that play off each other in novel ways.

The EGO you collect can then be used to take personality tests and ultimately progress through the story. Your answers, choices, and interpretation of events will have a direct impact on the way the narrative concludes, making repeat runs an absolute must.

It's clear from the game's stellar player reviews that it's connecting with a lot of people on an emotional level, which isn't something you'd normally expect from a clicker. While its excellent writing might be the main draw, the game's presentation, from its polished aesthetic to its emotive score, is equally praiseworthy.

It's perfect for those with an interest in literature, philosophy, or psychology. It also works well as an extensive personality test. If Alter Ego sounds interesting to you, you'll find it available for download now from both the App Store and Google Play.

Cameron Bald
Cameron Bald
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