Namco's Alpine Racer coming to iPhone

3D snowy thrills on an Apple handset near you

Namco's Alpine Racer coming to iPhone
| Alpine Racer

Apple has revealed that Namco Networks is bringing its parent company's Alpine Racer arcade game to iPhone. You know, the one with the skis that you stand on in amusement arcades.

The game was demoed to Pocket Gamer this morning by Eric Jue from Apple's iPhone worldwide product marketing department as part of his showcase of upcoming iPhone games.

It's shaping up as a 3D SSX-style snowboarding (and presumably skiing) game, blending racing and tricks. Note, the screenshot above is of Namco Networks's previously-released mobile version of the game - NOT the iPhone version.

You'll use the accelerometer to steer, although there are on screen virtual buttons too. The music was suitably RAWK too, as you'd expect from this genre.

Meanwhile, Jue said the game will offer a ghost racing mode so you can compete against yourself to race down the courses.

With no set-of-skis peripheral for iPhone (yet), the game might not be as physically fun as it is in the arcades. But with relatively few winter extreme sports titles on the App Store, we're looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

The full list of games Jue showed to us today (with links to our coverage) was: Sway, Tiger Woods 09 and Let's Golf, Peggle, WordFu, Alpine Racer, and Zen Bound (which we've previously reviewed).